January 28 2016


January 28 2016

The lateral band walks have become a really important part of our warmup. It seems to be a great at turning on the glutes which allows you to move better and and reduce the risk of injury. AND yes the burning that you feel in your hips while doing the walks is your glutes. Gluteus medius to be exact.





Ballistics/Core Stability/Shoulder Stability
A1. SA KB Clean and Press 4-6 per side x 4 rest as needed
A2. Sled Push 30 sec of work x 4 rest as needed (Should be heavier than usual)
B1. Spider Man Crawl 75′ x 3
B2. RIng Row (feet elevated) 8 reps x 3 rest as needed
5 sets not for time
8 Jumping lunges per side
5 KB Snatch per side
3 sets
200m run (AFAP)
rest 30 sec



Gymnastics Skill work/Aerobic Threshold
A. HSPU Practice/ Accumulate 20 tough reps rest as needed
B. Kipping (PU and T2b) Practice-10 min
C. Strict PU Accumulate 20 tough reps rest as needed
1k row @ 2:02-2:05 for males/2:07-2:10 for females
rest 30 sec x 4