January 25th, 2017


January 25th, 2017


Tomorrow is going to be an active recovery day for our Fitness crew. Just because this is ‘active recovery’ you guys still need to have a steady pace when moving through the workout. Don’t take it so easy that you’re not feeling the movements. Competition, you guys will have a pretty neat 30min workout! This is a very structured workout, so really try to stay on pace for the 30 sec intervals. Also, please don’t forget to do your ‘cool down’ after the workout. Grab the AB or rower and pick a nice pace to bring your heart rate down slowly. Remember, this is a cool down, so don’t go for an all out sprint pace.



“Active Recovery”
5 sets
2 TGU per side
Heidens jumping FWD 150′
45 sec Shuttle run
3 sets
12 Face Pulls Hands Finish 2-3″ above head
10 Side Plank w/ rotation
Shoulder Pails and Rails


EMOM for 15 min
1 min- 30 sec Row for Cals
2 min- 12 BJSD 24/20
3 min- 5 Tng Cleans (pick a weight thats tough but doable for all 5 sets)
30 min running clock
30 sec Burpee
30 sec rest
30 sec AB hold 400/325-350 watts
30 sec rest
30 sec Row 1400-1500males/1100-1200 females/ Female masters 900-1000
10 min cool down