January 16th, 2017


January 16th, 2017


Dga Fam, it’s the start to another awesome week! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, and you’re ready to get after it this week! A few reminders to consider as we get started!

This Saturday, the 21st, we will be gathering at Southern Heritage at 6pm to celebrate our (belated) Christmas party/ Super bowl!

Groundbreaking is this TUESDAY at noon. If you can, come out and join us as we start this next chapter of Crossfit DGA!



Guys you’ve all heard us talk about this for the last few weeks. If you’re a newer member and you’ve never heard of The Open, please ask a coach about it when you’re at the gym next!

This is simply a great opportunity for us to measure our skills, and have some fun as a gym! This can be as competitive, or as easy going as you’d like it to be.



A1. Back Squat 4 sets x 7 reps @ 30×1 no rest Build
heaviest weight from last week
A2. FLR (Rings) 45-60 sec
A3. Banded Glute work 4-5 per side
4 sets
15 WB
1 Sled push
5-7 Inverted Rows
rest as needed
Hips Pails and Rails x 2-3 rotations


A. Snatch 1-1-1-1-1 x 4 sets rest 20 rest 2 min “HTLW”
**This is cluster training. rest 20 sec in b/n each snatch. after you complete 5 reps
you are finished with the first set. Rest 2 min b/n each SET
10 min AMRAP @ Open Pace
30 DU
15 PS 75/55
*This is an old open workout from 2011 and 2014
3 sets
8-10 Ring Hinge Row
10 Z press @ 3010
rest as needed