January 11th, 2017


January 11th, 2017


Wow! 4:30pm, you guys really showed out today! That class was HUGE and you all did an amazing job! We had our January intro class join us, and you all gave them a great welcome to the DGA Fam!  Remember, if you see a new face around the gym, be sure to say hello and give them a high five for joining!

I know the 5 rounds tonight seemed never ending, however, you guys nailed it! And Competition, the substitution of the AB instead of the rower was awesome! It’s awesome to see you guys push a little harder with a tough piece of equipment!



“Active Recovery”
5 sets
Double KB OH Carry 150′
Hollow Hold 30-45 sec
Row 400m @ a tough pace
3 sets
10 Defranco Cuban Press
10 Yoga Pushups @ 3010
10 Side Plank w/ rotation
Shoulder Pails and Rails


“Active Recovery”
1k row
60 sec BF Burpee
60 sec WW -about 3-4
x 3 sets
rest 2 min
400m run
60 sec HPS
60 sec DU
x 4 sets
**The goal here is to keep a nice steady pace for about 60min. Stay steady