Hi, my name is Jainal and my crossfit journey started exactly 2 years ago. I was the heaviest i had ever been 2 years ago after the birth of my second child, i weighed 200 pounds. At that time i thought that walking everyday would help lose the weight but it obviously wasn’t. I realized i had to do something about my weight when i climbed stone mountain. I could not believe how out of shape i was , i barely made it to the top and was totally exhausted.

About a week later my husband and I were watching ESPN (his favorite channel) and the crossfit games was on. My husband Jay said “Jainal, you should try this crossfit, you could lose your weight fast”. I laughed because i thought he was joking. He then told me if i wanted to try crossfit that he will do it with me. So, knowing that i had him to support me we googled crossfit dublin and found Crossfit DGA.

I was a chubby girl growing up and i was not athletic at all so i was so nervous on my first beginners class with our coach stanley. My coach Stanley was so polite, knowledgeable and encouraging and he made feel comfortable and so welcoming at the gym. Not only stanley but eric and the rest of the coaches are the most friendly, encouraging, motivating, intelligent, patient, and down to earth people i have ever met.

2 years on i am down to 139 pounds and am in the best shape of my LIFE all because of crossfit dga and their love, support and dedication. The community we have there is amazing, Eric has the best programming for EVERY fitness level.

As i write this i think about how my life in two parts, before crossfit and after crossfit. After crossfit my life has improved dramatically physically and emtionally. I have confidence to attack each day and workout, i appreciate my family and health so much more now than i did before. It is a lifestyle change and if i can do it i know you can.

Thank you CrossFit DGA

**Jainal also worked with Stronger U over the last year or so to help her with nutrition, which helped her body composition as well!! We are so proud of you and Jay!!