February 8th, 2017


February 8th, 2017


We’ve made it to the middle of the week! Competition, you guys did awesome tonight! Men, specifically, I noticed that a lot of you only had a certain amount of weight set out for that Clean & Jerk ladder. A lot of you ended up needing more weight as you approached the end of the workout. I hope you guys see the importance of this! I see it this way, most of you are moving quicker and you are stronger than you think you are! This is really exciting for you guys. Next time, I want to see you all have the RX amount of weight the workout is called for. This should always be a goal for us when increasing in weight!



“Active Recovery”
5 sets
2 TGU per side
Reverse Lunges 6 per side
Ring Pushup w/ turnout x 8-10
**Please sub regular pushups as needed
3 sets
12 Face Pulls Hands Finish 2-3″ above head
10 Side Plank w/ rotation
Shoulder mobility with Stanley


EMOM for 12 min
1 min- 40 sec Row for Cals
2 min- 14 BJSD 24/20
3 min- 6 DB Snatch Per side 50/30
39 min running clock
30 sec Shuttle run
30 sec rest
30 sec AB hold 400/325-350 watts
30 sec rest
30 sec Row 1400-1500males/1100-1200 females/ Female masters 900-1000
10 min cool down