February 3rd, 2017


February 3rd, 2017


We’ve made it to the first weekend in February! This also means we are one week closer to The Open. If you have not signed up yet, please go ahead and DO IT! If you’re a newer member and you have no clue what The Open is, PLEASE see a coach or seasoned member so we can tell you about the awesomeness that will soon be upon us!

Here is the link so you may register!(Click Me)

YAY, here is a hint as to what we will see in The Open!

Dumb Bells! Lucky for you guys, we are regular users of DBs here at DGA! However, on the off chance that you need to re-familiarize yourself with this object and the movements we use it for, coming tomorrow afternoon for open gym would be the perfect time! The best way to succeed, is to be prepared!



A. Hang Clean(from hip crease) 5 sets of 3 reps rest 2 min “HWFLW”
B1.FS 3 x 6 @ 30×1 “HWFLW”
B2.Chest Supported Row 3 x 8 rest 2-3 min
3 sets
12 Face Pulls
12 Band Pullaparts
2 TGU Per side
Optional Sweat Session
EMOM for 21 min
1 min- 10 Burpee
2 min- Shuttle Run (parking lot)
3 min-AB 30 sec for max cals


“Open Prep”
A1. OH Walking Lunge 3 x 12 steps “Build” use last years 16.1 weight to build from
A2. Shuttle run (5 changes of direction or 3 links of the parking lot)- start and finish do not count
as changes of direction
EMOM for 15 min
1 min-6 OHS 115/75
2 min-6 BF Burpee
3 min- Row 35 sec for max cals
4 sets
25 sec max cals AB
1 sled push 50/90
rest 2 min