February 29 2016


February 29 2016

Well, 16.1 did show up.  But guess what, so did DGA!!!! I have to say that Friday night might be one the best and most memorable moments in the history of DGA. A big thank you to Amanda Tapley, D, and Sam Riner for helping set up the lanes and the heats for the event. Thank you to all the judges devoted their free time to making sure everything ran smooth. A huge thank you to the athletes that participated Friday night, you were patient and waited your turn and when your time came you gave it everything that you had. A big shout to all the spectators that came to support our little community as well.

Historically this time period is consumed by the open but this year is going to a different experience for everyone involved. We have good systems and great people running the show this year.  I am super thankful to be a part of this experience with all of you. We do have a few people that need to go tomorrow. I ask that the 530 and 630 classes be patient with us over the next 5 weeks. I will be doing my open workouts at 530p on Monday nights. Monday nights may get a little backed up but we will do our best to keep everything on track.

I would also like to thank Dinesh, Sanjay, Viral, and Bijal Patel. Subway was a huge hit for everyone!!!! Thank you to you and your family for your support and contribution. Y’all are awesome and we are lucky to have you.


A. Thrusters 5RM in 4-5 sets rest as needed
6 rounds “not for time”
10 cal row/AB (you may use the AB if there are not enough rowers)
8 HC 115/75
6 DB Push Press (tough weight)
T2B Work 8-10 min
**clocks will be designated for Open Only



A. OHS 1 RM rest as needed
B. PS Tng- Work to a tough 2 for the day rest as needed
EMOM for 18 min
1 min- 8 Box Jump Step Downs
2 min- 5-7 PS 95/65
3 min- 30 DU

**Clocks will be designated for Open Only