February 27th, 2018


February 27th, 2018



“A. OHS- Mindful practice- 4 x 5-7 @ 5555
**Work through the movement, whats tight? what feels good? what happens
if you push up, sit back, lean fwd, close your eyes,- I think you guys get
the idea….create some awareness!!!!!
B. SA DB OHS 3 x 5-7 rest as needed
5 sets
Sled Push
3 cone malcolm
15 KBS
rest as needed
Body Building
3 sets
DB Bicep Curl 10 per side
Ring Row x 10 (palms facing down)
DB KickBacks x 10
Pushups x 10 @ 3010”


“A. SA DB OHS Practice 3 x 7 per side- rest as needed
B. Clean + Shoulder to OH + BS+ Shoulder to OH x 2-3 x 5 sets rest as needed
EMOM 12 min
25 sec of work
1 min WB (may want to play around w/ a heavier ball….)
2 min AB (30 sec of work here)
3 min PC and Jerk – pick a weight thats tough but are able to do 3-5 with perfect
mechanics and perfect breathing mechanics in the time permitted(same weight as last week)
Skill Open work-pick something that you need to work on
10-15 mins”