February 27th, 2017


February 27th, 2017


Happy Monday guys! We’ve made it to the beginning of another great week!

If you completed 17.1 on Friday or Saturday, congratulations! We are very proud of you! I know it wasn’t easy, believe me, but we all made it! If you’re going to be doing 17.1 tomorrow, GOOD LUCK! We know you’ll do great. Pace yourself and have fun!

I hope you all have a great and normal week, until Friday! Then we get to have Open fun all over again! 😉


A1. American KBS 4 x 15 no rest
A2. Ring Pushup w/ turnout 4 x 8-10
A3. Supinated S. PU 4 x 5-7
rest as needed after you complete A3
4 sets
Shuttle run- 5 changes of direction (start and finish do not count)
rest in b/n sets will be active recovery
active recovery
AMRAP of DU or singles
work on T2b or Knees to elbows
“No kipping if you do not have 1 strict PU + 1/3(guys) of BW attached to you, ladies weight is 1/4 + BW.


A. Snatch Technique- about 10 min
B. Squat Snatch 1 + 2 OHS EMOM for 10 min- Tough weight- same weight across all sets-No TNG
EMOM for 20 min
1- DU
2- Sled push (light and fast)
3-C2b Pullup
4- WB
5-Shuttle Run
**all sets should be 25-30 sec of work