February 23rd, 2017


February 23rd, 2017


You guys, tomorrow is the day! The start of The 2017 Open! We will learn what the workout is tomorrow! You may watch the announcement live HERE at 7:45pm!! If you don’t care to watch it live (although I highly suggest it), you may view the workout HERE! Hope you guys are getting excited about getting our fitness on together!

Below you will notice tomorrow’s Fitness & Competition workouts are virtually the same. The reason for this is that we are unsure of what movements will be released Friday, so Eric wanted to ‘use movements that would optimize blood flow and not create much soreness.’ Those are his fancy words, not mine! 😉


Fitness/ Competition:

A. DB Snatch Practice-Alt each rep
B. DB Burpee Practice-
4-5 sets
Sled push
KBS (American)
15 Cal Row (AFAP) *Competition use the AB*
rest as needed
Mobility work-10-20 mins