February 1 2016


February 1 2016

I am sure by now you have at least heard the words “The Open”. I wanted to take some time tonight and give everyone some insight on the “Open”, what it is, and how it is going run at DGA this year. The CrossFit Open is a 5 week competition. It is the preliminary competition before the regionals and then The Games(thats what you see on ESPN). This year we are going to have our own competition among our members. It will be called Friday Night Lights. There are other gyms that run this format and it is a way to get everyone involved and build camaraderie. We have not finalized all of the specifics but we are working on everything as we speak.

Here are the specifics that we have so far

-We will have 4 teams within the gym. I will be picking teams.

-The Open will start Feb 26 and end March 25

-The workouts will be done on Friday nights. We know that some may have to do their workouts on Saturday. As far as people going on Monday we have not finalized those details.

-Amanda Tapley and Denna Haddox are head the head judges

-Morgan White and Deann Morris are in charge of the equipment

-All competition athletes that came to the meeting and have successfully past the judges course will be our judges.

If you have signed up for the open please contact Amanda or Denna (we need a head count). If you have not signed up, we definitely encourage you to do so.



Deload/Gymnastics Conditioning

A. Air Squat “maintain tempo” (don’t rush) 3 x 10 @ 3010
B. Goblet Squat with perform (light weight) 3 x 8 @ 41×1 rest as needed
C1. Side Arches from side plank position slow tempo 12 per side x 4 no rest
C2. Hollow Rocks 20 reps x 4
C3. Spider Man crawl 50′ x 4
5 shutlle runs length of parking lot rest 30-45 sec



Absolute Strength/Speed Strength/Open Prep

A. OHS 5 sets x 4 rest 2:30
B. PS 2-3 EMOM for 8 min @ 75-78%(females 3 reps, males 2 reps)
5 sets
8-10 C2b Pullup
10 BJSD 24/20
12 Wallballs
rest 60 sec

**Increase 1-2 reps for each exercise for the conditioning from last week