December 21 2015


December 21 2015




Since this is the season of giving we are going to do something we have never done before. We are going to give away a free membership or memberships. Yes, thats right, I said it….FREE. We will give our current client a free membership if you get someone to sign up in the month of December. The membership will only be given if the potential client completes the intro (in January) and 1 month (in February) of regular classes or personal training. Please let myself or one of the coaches know if you have any questions regarding your free month.



Strength Speed/Open Prep/Shoulder stability and health
A. PC (Power Clean) 3-3-3-3-3 rest 1-3 min b/n sets
16 min AMRAP @ 80%
15 Calorie Row
14 Russian KBS
8 HR Pushups
DeFranco Cuban Press 3 x 10 reps rest 1-2 min



Absolute Strength/ Strength Speed/ Open Prep
A. FS- Work to a tough triple in 5 sets
B. 3 reps EMOM for 9 min @ 88% of A
EMOM for 20 min
1 min 10-12 WB
2 min 5-7 T2b
3 min 7-8 Burpee Box Jump 20′
4 min 20-40 DU