December 16 2015


December 16 2015


Core Stability/Shoulder stability/SL
5 sets
TGU 3 per side (HAP)
SL Lateral Stepup with DB’s 8-10
Wall Walk 2-3 reps with 2 sec hold at the top with nose/chest on the wall
4 sets
Pro Cobra 60 sec
Face Pulls 12 reps
Hollow Hold 30-45 sec



Cyclical Aerobic Work
350m row @ 90%
rest 60 sec x 8
rest 4 min x 2
**The goal is same times every set**
Gymnastics Skill Work
4 sets-same number of reps every set
UB T2b
UB Strict HSPU
rest as needed
** If you are following competition and you do not feel like your HSPU are the greatest and you do not
care to work on them you may sub regular pushups