December 13th, 2016


December 13th, 2016


DGA Fam! I am back! YAY! I’m pretty sure I get more excited than you guys to about me coming back to the gym. Ha Anyway, let’s get to business, shall we?

A few announcements that I’m sure you have all heard, but our Christmas Party will be held January 28th at 6pm. The event will be held at Southern Heritage’s banquet hall.

Next, we have a chance for you, our members, to get a FREE month at the gym! How you ask?! Simply refer a family member or friend for the January Intro class. *Said person must enroll in February membership.* This is a great opportunity to share your love of the gym with someone YOU love!

Lastly, Saturday group class is now held at 9:45am, and the gym will remain open until 11:15am for ‘open gym.’ We hope this helps some of late risers *cough cough* “me”! ha

Can’t wait to see you all Wednesday afternoon! Enjoy your Tuesday! 🙂


A1. Arnold Press 4 x 6 @ 3010 (pronate hand at the top) (build)
A2. Barbell Row 4 x 6 @ 31×3
4 sets
10 UB Thrusters105/75 (if you are a “newer” female please use DB’s)
8 Cals AB
6 BF Burpee
rest 90-120 sec b/n each set

2 sets
10 Alt’ing DB Bicep Curls
10 Banded Tricep Extensions


A. Snatch Technique- 10 min
B. Snatch- Work to a heavy single for the day- no more than 2 misses
4 sets
KB FR RFESS x 6 reps @ 31×1 HTLW
BB BP x 6 reps @ 32×1 HTLW
300yd shuttle (parking lot) -9 changes of direction, start and finish on the end closest to the gym
rest 2 min x 4, Please write times for all sets on the board
**Try and beat last weeks times or at least the avg time