August 6th, 2018


August 6th, 2018



“A. FS 5 x 4 Build to a heavy 5 for the day
**Should be heavier than last week
4 sets
200m run
15/12 Cals AB
7 BF Burpee
rest 60-90 sec after each round
3 sets
5-7 Strict Pullups
8-10 (Wtd) Pushups @ 3010”


“A. Snatch- Work to 88-90% of your 1RM, Then complete 5-6 technical singles for the day
**There should be no misses
B. FS 4 x 5 @ 31×1
C. FS 1 x 5 “”no tempo”” (HAP)
**NO conditioning today, Doubling up tomorrow
15-20 min
Technical Work and Play
Upper Body Pulling- Just a reminder about some progressions.
Strict Pullup–>Strict Wtd Pullup–> Kipping Pullup/T2b–>Strict MU–> Kipping MU
**Attention if you are a “”Tweener””, thats someone who comes in b/n classes
you may benefit from putting the play and practice at the the beginning of your session so that
you can get the best out of the instruction of the class.”