August 3 2015


August 3 2015

Greens First and Max Fiber

Morning Ritual

The first thing that I do when I wake up is drink 20oz of room temperature water with a dash of pink himalayan sea salt. Immediately following that I mix a serving of the Greens First and a serving of Max Fiber with 6-8oz of water and drink it down. Next I get Bradys milk ready and get ready to crush my day. What does your morning ritual look like??



A1. Back Squat 6-8 x 4(M), x 6 (F) @ 41×1 no rest
A2. SA DB Row 6-8 x 4(M), x 6 (F) @ 31×3 rest 60-90 sec after both arms
EMOM for 12 min
1 min- PC + Lunge L + Lunge R x 3-5 reps; (no more than 25 sec of work)
2 min- 10-12 KBS
3 min-2 Wall Walks or 5 pushups @ 3010



A. 3 Position DL Snatch Grip+ Snatch x 5 rest 15 sec after DL; rest 2 min
5 sets
12/16 Cal row
8 PC and Jerk 135/95
5 WW/12 HSPU(if you are using a mat it must be even with the plates)
rest 2:30