August 24th, 2017


August 24th, 2017



A1. Suitcase Deadlift w/ KB or FC Handles 4 x 6 per side (same as last week, try to add a little more weight)
A2. FLR in Rings 30-45 sec x 4 sets
A3. RFESS 4 x 5 @ 31×1
12 min AMRAP
30 Cal Row
25 DU
5 T2b
**The goal here was to give everyone a session where you could work on your t2b. Most everyone has put in a good bit of
skill work with these the last few weeks. Remember to focus on using your shoulders to guide the movement. Make sure you are
not holding your breath. Please reduce the number of t2b so that you can keep your HR elevated, if you are hainging on the bar and doing
singles you are not getting the aerboic response that you want to get. Please scale accordingly….


5 min AMRAP C2b PU
rest 12 min
5 min AMRAP of HSPU
Compare to 4/5/16
2 min AMRAP Pistol
remainder of time- work on any gymnastics skill that you would like to work on