August 24 2015


August 24 2015

This week for the fitness group is just a maintenance week. We also refer to this sometimes as a deload. The goal is to focus on movement quality and getting good rest.




A. OHS 4-5 x 4 @ 22×1 rest 2-3 min
B1. TGU 3 per side x 3 rest as needed
B2. SL RDL 4-5 x 3 @ 31×1 rest 60 sec per side
3 sets
Palloff Press 10-12 slow out and slow in
Hamstring stretch with band 30 sec per leg

**Notes** If you cannot perform the OHS with elbows locked out and heels on the ground please be sure to elevate the heels.

SL RDL- Be sure that you do not go to heavy. balance is the key. maintain tempo



A. Back Squat @ 32×1
(2 Waves) for Females 10-8-6; 10-8-6 rest 3 min b/t each set
(2 Waves) for Males 7-5-3; 7-5-3 rest 4 min b/t each set
7 Sled Pushes (length of gym) Must be under 20 sec of work
**Females #50/ Males #90** rest exaclty 2 min-Scale as needed to get work done within 20 sec