August 22nd, 207


August 22nd, 207



A. Strict Press 4 x 5 @ 31×3 rest 2 min
After the warmup up please spend a little extra time on your ankles and calves.
5 rounds Not for time
Sled Push 45’s per side
Double KB OH Carry 150′
SA Row w/ KB x 8 per side
rest as needed b/n rounds
Shoulder Health
3 sets
10 BB OH Shrug (hands are just outside of shoulders)
10 Trap Three Raises
10 Band Pull Aparts w/ Palms Up

Snatch 2 EMOM for 12 min
**Add weight every 3rd set
**Start and finish higher than last week
For time
15 Burpee Box Step Overs
20 Pullups
25 DU’s
20 Pullups
15 Burpee Box Step Overs
**This is to be done w/ a vest. 20/14