August 17 2015

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August 17 2015





A1. Back Squat 4-5 x 4(M), x 6 (F) @ 41×1 no rest
A2. SA DB Row 4-5 x 4(M), x 6 (F) @ 31×3 rest 60-90 sec after both arms
4 sets
300m row
8/10 Pushups @ 3010 (Hands on DB”s)
12 KBS


This squatting cycle is an example of what is called wave loading. Each set has two main effects : potentiating and recruiting. When the loads are picked properly, each wave creates potentation, thus strength performance, while minimizing fatigue. It is critical that one performs the concentric range as explosively as possible(hence the X). As you reach the top waves, you will be in a state of maximal CNS activation. Essentially, each cycle feeds itself. Be sure that your second wave is heavier than your first so that you receive maximum benefit.

“Potentiate simply means to intensify or make powerful”


A.Back Squat @ 32×1
(2 Waves) for Females 12-10-8 (wave 1); 12-10-8 (wave 2) rest 3 min b/t each set- 12 reps is 1 set, 10 reps is the 2nd set, etc….
(2 Waves) for Males 8-6-4; 8-6-4 rest 4 min b/t each set
8 Sled Pushes (length of gym) Must be under 20 sec of work
**Females #50/ Males #90** rest exaclty 2 min-Scale as needed to get work done within 20 sec

**Masters Males during the 4 min of rest please perform your mobility work**