August 1 2016


August 1 2016

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of the text, phone calls, and prayers. I cannot put into words how excited I am about raising our boys in an environment where everyone cares so much about each other. Thank you again.

Something for everyone to think about….We have 4 months left in this year. What is going to be your story in the next 4 months? How many goals will you tell your friend and family that you accomplished over these next 4 months.

A1. RFESS 4 x 8 @ 5010 rest 90 sec after each leg (HWFLW) **Note changes in tempo
A2. BB Strict OH Press 4 x 7 @ 51×1 rest 60-90 sec (HWFLW) **Note changes in tempo
With a continuously running clock
Every 2 min for 7 sets
5 PC 135/85 **may increase weight if form is perfect
1 Shuttle Run in parking lot
***There will be a good bit of rest time this week, the rest will get shorter as we get deeper into the cycle
(FR Mobility)
30 sec upper back on foam roller
30 sec hang on PU Bar
x 3 sets

A. Snatch- 12 singles- perfect form only add weight if previous set was perfect (try to finish heavier than last week)
B. OHS 5 reps every 90 sec for 8 sets- can be taken from the rack (Build) “No misses”
5 rounds for time
10 Alt’ing DB Snatch
10 Burpee Over Rower
10 Cal Row