April 7th, 2017


April 7th, 2017


I hope you all have a great weekend! Start it off right by getting in the gym tomorrow!


We are going to spend a little time on T2b. If you cannot connect multiple T2b Together with a kipping motion
you may have a limittaion that is different from someone else. It could be shoulder and lats, it could be arms, it could also be a limiation
due to BW or lack of core strength…..The goal is to help you find out what your specifc limiation is and address as needed.
A. Double KB FS 3 x 10 @ 5050 (5 up and 5 down)
**No belts, this tempo is just as much for your core as your legs
B1. FC w/ KB @ 45 sec x 4 sets no rest
B2. 2 Wall Walks + 10 Shoulder Taps (5 per side) x 4 sets
C1. Strict PU w/ Pronated grip (hands close together) 3-4 x 3 @ 31×3 sets no rest
C2. Pushups 3 x 10-12 @ 4010
**For the pushups you may use box, bench or rings. You may also add weight. Gymnastics is
going to be a huge priority for all of us moving forward….and that includes me.
If it’s not hard enough for you then add more reps, but do not complain….There is a method
to the madness.


A. Deadlift 4 x 5 @ 3131 rest 3 min(3 up and 3 down)
B1. CG BP 3 x 8 @ 3010 no rest
B2. SA DB Row 3 x 8 @ 31×2 rest 60-90 sec
C. Tricep Ext w/Fat bar 3 x10 @ 3010
3 sets
35 DU
12 UB Thrusters
20 Cal Row
rest 2 min