April 6th, 2018


April 6th, 2018



“10 min Aerobic warmup
Pick 2-3 exercises and work on a weakness
9 min AMRAP
3/6 Strict PU
8 Cal Row
10 KB Push Press 35/26
9 min AMRAP
200m run
8 Burpee to 6″” touch
12 KB FS
3-4 sets
Sled Push
Shuttle Run”



A1. False Grip Pullups (Pullups) 4 x 3-5 (perfect reps) slow and controlled **Turn rings out at the bottom
A2. Dips 4 x 3-5 (No Bands) (Use Dip Bar)slow and controlled
**the goal here is to create the best body positions and to have as close to perfect reps as possible **Get as low as your mobility will allow

B1. Arnold Press (seated on the floor) 4 x 8-10 (both arms at the same time)
B2. Strict C2b Pullup (2) + 10-20 sec hold w/ chest on the bar(on last rep) x 4 sets **You may need a spotter for B2

+ 4 sets
Scap circles 5 each way
Lsit 20-30 sec
4-5 Strict T2b
10-12 pushups@ 5010 w/ perfect form