April 3rd, 2017


April 3rd, 2017


Happy hump day DGA!

I apologize for being late with the post the last few days! Getting back from vacation and getting back on track!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new gym! Just a few reminders that im sure most of you have seen. We are working to get mats!! In the mean time, please be careful walking around, as the mats are uneven. Also, our bathrooms have AC! So let’s get in the habit of keeping the doors closed so they stay cool! Also, we have to remember that it is EVERYONES responsibility to keep the bathrooms clean and stocked! If you notice something is wrong in the restroom, please let a coach know so that we may get it taken care of. In the same token, please help us to keep the facilities clean! ­čÖé

Thank you for sticking with us through these bumps in the road! You guys are awesome!



4 sets
1k row/750m row
100′ FW KB Per hand (HAP)
10 Hand Release pushups
**Make sure the pushups are perfect. If you need to reduce or add to the
number please feel free to do so.
3 sets
75′ Reverse Bear Crawl
75′ Fwd Bear Crawl
Black Burns 10-20 sec @ Y,T, Goal Post


5 sets
HS Hold with weight vest 45-60 sec
HS Hold Back Facing shoulder taps 5-7 per side
**Alternate b/n exercises
rest as needed b/n sets
Accumulate 20-30 Rings Dips (No kipping)
Accumulate 40 K HSPU
**Alternate b/n exerices
**+5 reps from last week on each exercise
30 sec AB for max wattage/cals
rest as needed for complete recovery x 7