April 25 2016


April 25 2016

I wanted to start this week off by explaining some of the why behind what we are trying to accomplish with our training right now. This is specifically about the weight training pieces and the conditioning.


Functional Adaptions/Hypertrophy– Changes that happen neurologically which result in a improved skill or task. Typically in an “untrained” client we prescribe them 10-12 repetitions so that they can “learn” how to do the movement and so that their tissue can adapt properly. We can also manipulate the design by prescribing shorter/longer rest periods depending on the client.

Structural Adaptations/Hypertrophy– Physical and Physiological changes that occur which lead to the ability of performing or executing a specific task more efficiently. The intent here is to make changes to the muscle tissue specifically. While there may be some over lap b/n the two spectrums, the literature states that the rep range would be between 7-10.

Conditioning– This is a interesting topic and one that I could talk about for days. Conditioning seems to be a form of entertainment these days with no regard to what is actually occurring physiologically. But here are some of my principles that I use to write our conditioning workouts.

  1. Are the movements easy for the client to perform? If it is easier then there is less of a chance of injury and greater chance that you will get a good aerobic response from the session.
  2. The specific designs that we write allow the client to achieve more total volume of work time, actual number of reps, and sometimes decreases in rest time…which also allow more work to be done in the time.
  3. Shoulder to OH movements are much safer(for our population) when executed with DB’s
  4. Kipping PU’s need to be handled with care and all clients should be able to do 1 strict PU + 1/3 of BW for males and 1/4 of BW for females. The same rule may even apply to T2b.

***Please remember that Fitness is changing constantly. These 4 principles that I have outlined may no apply to every gym. They are principles that I created to try and provide a fitness service that is unmatched. I hope that this will help connect some of the why. As always I would much prefer to have these conversations in person. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Have a great day!!!!!! EB


Also another reminder: Morgan White’s last week is this week. She will be back to visit on Saturdays and we will definitely see her at local competitions. She will definitely be missed.



A1. PC 4 x 2-3 no rest
A2. CGBP 4 x 8 rest 60-90 sec (hands should be 16″ apart) use heaviest weight from last week across all sets
B1. T2b 3 sets of practice
B2. DU 3 sets of practice
**These practice sessions are for our coaches to practice coaching and clients to practice doing
5 sets
250m row
10 burpee
12 russian KBS
rest 50 sec (maintain same pace as last week)

**In reagards to B1 and B2, Have you noticed a positive increase or outcome with these movements? Do you like the practice sessions? Would you like to see more sessions like this?



A. Snatch 40%x3,50%x3,60%x3, 75%x2,80%x2, 85%x1, 88%x1 NO MISSES
B. Back Squat 3 x 8 (Use the weight that you did for your drop set last week for all sets) rest as needed
C. No drop set this week
D. Snatch Balance 4 x 3 rest 2 min
5 sets @ 85-90%
200m run
16 Burpee
rest 1 min
**All rounds should be the same time