April 23rd, 2018


April 23rd, 2018



“A. 2 Clean + FS+ Shoulder to OH x 5 sets rest as needed
5 min AMRAP
7 DB Thruster
3 Strict PU
rest 1 min
2 min AMRAP Max Cal Row
rest 1 min
5 min AMRAP
3 DB Thruster
7 Burpee Over DB (lateral)
rest 1 min
2 min AMRAP Max Cals Row
**try and match or beat last weeks cals
3 sets
Alt’ing DB BP x 8
Double KB Row x 8


“A. BS- 8RM in 4-5 sets
B. BS-Reduce A by 10% and do 8-15 reps
*Lets try the 8’s again…push it even harder this week if possible
C1. False Grip Pullups (Pullups) 4 x 2-3 w/ 3 sec pause at top and 3 sec eccentric
**Turn rings out at the bottom
C2. Elevator Dips 4 x 3-5 (No Bands) (Use Dip Bar) slow and controlled
**the goal here is to create the best body positions and to pause at the same position
each time
**last week of these 2 movements
4 sets
10 HC
10 Lunge in Place (5 per leg)
10 BF Burpee
rest 90-120sec each set”