April 19th, 2018


April 19th, 2018



“A1. Deadlift x4 + Clean x 3 + 3 Shoulder to OH x 4 sets
A2. DB/KB Row (no support) 4 x 7 per side
A3. Dip Support (Bar) 4 x 10-20 sec (add 10-15 sec to last
weeks time)
400m run
Sled pull 50′ (just arms)
x 4-5 sets
rest as needed
**The ropes seem to want to splinter a little so you may need some gloves….
**Also, there are only 3 ropes for now. We will get more soon
Cool down and stretch
2-3 sets
Couch Stretch 30 sec per side
Dead Hang from PU Bar 10-20 sec”


“A1. Alt’ing DB BP 4 x 8 slow and controlled
A2. Ring Row w/ feet elevated 4 x 8
B1. Dip Support Hold w/ Ring Turnout 4 x 20-30 sec
B2. KB FC + WC 100′ x 4 sets
B3. DB HS Press w/ feet on Bench 4 x 3-5
rest as needed b/n B’s
If DB’s were easy last week please progress to KB. This will create a bigger range of motion and will challenge the upper body a little more
4 sets
10 Thruster 115/75 x 2 sets, 135/95 x 2 sets
50 DU
rest 60-90 sec”