April 19th, 2017


April 19th, 2017


Welcome to hump day, Dga! If you missed the live action that took place on our Facebook page earlier tonight, no worries, you can still see the video! Just click HERE!  Eric and Natalie gave some good information on what the next couple of weeks will look like moving to the new facility! So be sure to check that out!


5 sets
10 American Swings
1 sled push
5 Burpee (AFAP)
rest 90-120 sec
4 sets
75′ Bear Crawl
45-60 sec Farmer Carry w/ KB’s (1 kb per hand)
5-7 HS Kick Ups


5 sets
SA FW 45 sec per side (HAP)
HS Hold with weight vest 45-60 sec
Strict PU with hollow body (w/ vest) 5-6
HS Hold Back Facing shoulder taps 5-7 per side
Cool Down/ Stretch
2-3 sets
50′ Ostritch Walk
50 Horse Walk
Spiderman Crawl