April 17th, 2017


April 17th, 2017


I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Sunday!

DGA, welcome to another great week! As you can tell by the title Eric has given the workout for Fitness, we are always looking at the basics when we’re moving. Having a solid foundation is going to set you up for success when you want move heavier weights, do more advanced movements, or just stay injury free! So please, take the time when it’s programmed to really focus on your form. If you’re unsure of how your movement patterns look, grab a Coach and have them watch you!



“Back to the Basics”
A. Back Squat 4 x 8-10 @ 31×1 rest 2-3 min (HTLW)
***The goal here is to lift heavier than last week across all sets.
If you were not here last week please get with a coach to see where you need to start.
B1. DB BP 4 x 10-12 @ 32×1 no rest no rest
B2. Inverted Row (Bar) 4 x 10 @ 31×3 rest 60-90 sec
EMOM 12 min
1 min- 8-10 Burpee
2 min-KB Swing (4 Russian + 7 American)
**For longer tenured clients you may do Bar Facing Burpee to enchance the challenge
**Make sure you are performing a good hip hinge pattern for your Kb Swings


A. Snatch Technique 15-20 mins
B1. Strict T2b 3 x 5-7 with 2-3 sec hold at the top and 3 sec eccentric
B2. Planche Lean 3 x 45 sec holds no rest
**For B1 and B2 take your time and make sure you are in the most optimal
position possible
4 rounds for time
350m row
15 Burpee over rower
Reference 4/11/16