April 12 2016


April 12 2016


A1. FR Step Up 4 x 8 per side control eccentric (do not alternate legs) rest 60 sec
A2. DB Press from Half Kneeling 4 x 10 per side @ 3010 (Palms facing) no rest
4 sets
Spider Man Crawl 25′
12 Double KB Front Squats
Walk 75′ with KB in Front Rack
5 sleds “Fast” no more than 18 sec of work



A. 3-5 Strict PU + AMRAP C2b Pull x 4 sets rest 3 min
B. 30-45 sec HS Hold x 5 sets rest 60-90 sec
*** You may want to look into purchasing a weight vest…the link is here
C. FR RFESS (this is done with a barbell) 4 x 8 per side rest 90 sec b/n each set
3 sets
30 Hollow Rocks
30 Arch Rocks
30 Kip Swings with abmat b/n legs
rest as needed


**Just a quick note in regards to the weight vest. We will be doing some HS progressions that involve longer HS holds and weighted HSPU( preferably with weight). If you want to save money, you can look into splitting the cost with someone and sharing a vest….