April 1 2016


April 1 2016

Our featured photo today is a young lady that all of you know. I have to be perfectly honest when Morgan started with us three years ago I did not think she would stick around for long. I mean, why would anyone drive 20-30 min out of their way just to workout for 1 hour?? I am so thankful to have had the chance to coach and be in the presence of Morgan. She is coachable, has an amazing attitude, and she trains her butt off. This will be Morgans last month with us. I am definitely sad but I am happy that she is moving on to greener pastures. If you don’t know her already, I suggest you get to know her before she leaves, you will definitely be a better person for it.



Absolute Strength/SL/Conditioning
A.FS-3RM rest as needed
B.RFESS 4 x 10 per side 90 sec rest
4 sets
SA FW Length of parking lot (down and back) or 1 lap around the gym w/ each arm
3 Wall Walk
4 sets
6 KB Snatch per side
300m row



Deload/Goal Setting/Play
5 sets
Chin Over the Bar Hold x 15-20 sec
4 sets
15 KBS
15 Burpee
rest 1-2 min
30 sec AB
30 sec rest
x 15-20

**based on the number of people you may want to start at different parts of the workout