Big shout to Amanda Tapley for completing her 1/2 Half IronMan in 6:08.50. We have missed seeing you at the 830 class the last couple of weeks.We know that you will be back and running the show at some point this week!!!! Rest good tomorrow.



Here we go with a new split ladies and gentleman. I wanted to take the time to dive into some specifics around our training methods and philosophies. First off DGA is one of the only  CrossFit gyms(possibly the only within 50-100 miles) in the middle Georgia area that the base of the training is strength and hypertrophy training. It is important for all of you to know and understand what this means and why  I choose to program this way. Lets use tomorrow for example.


A. Back Squat 10-12 x 4 @ 3011 rest 3 min

B1. RFESS 8-10 x 4 @ 3010 rest 30 sec, rest 1 min

B2. Pullup/P-Pullup 6-8 x 4 @ 3112 rest 1-2 min (this can be weighted)

C. Sled/ Prowler Push x 7 #190/140 rest as needed

This workout is designed to elicit a strength and hypertrophic response(muscle size). This is not your classic CF workout or WOD. Why?? Because my goal for all of our athletes is to have or maintain longevity, reduce the risk of injury, reduce the amount of body fat, and increase muscle size and  increase strength.

Notice anything else?? Yes, you are right. All the exercises have tempos assigned to them. This allows the user/exerciser to put the muscle(s) into what we call TUT or time under tension. The TUT allows the user/exerciser to put the muscle under tension in the eccentric part of the movement. It is in the eccentric phase that we can manipulate the muscle so that we can get the best strength and hypertrophic gains(bigger muscles).

This workout is designed to do one thing….make the user strong!!!!! There are a few different energy(CP,Lactate,Aerobic) systems that we use when training. During this training session almost every single one of you will never be “gasping” for air. The squats will be taxing and so will the RFESS but you should never feel like you do when doing a FRAN or HELEN. Why? Because while you are producing/releasing a little bit of lactate while training…It is nothing like what happens to the brain and body when doing something nasty like FRAN or HELEN. The energy that we are utilizing today is called your Creatine Phosphogenic or CP energy system.


A. (1) Snatch + (1) OHS x 5 rest 2-3 min

B. Snatch Grip Deadlift 6-8 x 4 @ 4010 rest 2-3 min


EMOM 12 min

Even- 3/5/8 C2B Pullups

Odd- 5 OHS 115/85 (bar must come from floor)


GHD Back Extension 3 x 20 (pause 2 sec at top, 1 sec at bottom)