A. Push Press 2-3 x 4 rest 2-3 min

B1. 2 Rope Climbs/ 20 inverted BB rows x 4 no rest

B2. PC TnG x5 x 4 rest as needed

C. TGU x 30 Alt. Arms


5 rounds for total time and time of each round

45 DU

20 wallball

10 t2b


Yes, I know that we just did this last week. We are going to partner up on this and go one athlete at a time. We are going to take a look at each round. We will keep notes for our athletes to see where they start to have trouble. There are three pieces to this triplet. There is a mono-structural piece(du) weightlifting (wall ball) and gymnastics(t2B). We will take a deeper look at this after we are finished tomorrow. As competitive athletes we have got to become more aware.