It was brought to my attention that we currently do not have any teams signed up for the Team South Ga Throwdown. I have always supported Kris and his gym and this will be the first time I have ever missed any of World Camps competitions. To compete or not to compete is the question?? And you know what, I don’t have the answer. Right now my coach and I are primarily focused on the business side of DGA. I still workout but I have definitely shifted my focus to other areas. So what I am saying is this, Just because you workout at a CF gym does not mean you have to compete. Compete when you are ready. Enjoy training, learn to eat better, get great sleep, and bring value to those around you. Instead of asking yourself if you’re ready to compete ask one of your coaches if they think you are ready. We are here to serve and we are here to bring you value not just in fitness but also life. It is going to be a great week at DGA!!! Onward! #TCB

***Just a reminder please don’t wait on any one person to compete. If its something you really want to do, simply sign up and get after it. And you can still sign up for World Camp…




A. 12 min to find 1 RM Back Squat
B. Take 65% of A and complete AMRAP of Back Squat-No Tempo
3 rounds for time with 13 min CAP, reference 7-8-14
20 KBS
20 Burpee



Deadlift 5×5 @ 41×1- not too heavy, just good movement patterns
EMOM for 12 min
Even- Row 7/8 Calories-(F)7,(M)8
Odd-8 Burpee
Stretch and Cool Down


Competition will be testing on Wed, Thur, and Friday