I wonder how many people actually know how many calories they take in per day? Or how about the macronutrient break down of each meal( protein, carbohydrates, and fat)? For some individuals/clients it may be quality that is questioned or how about quantity? How many of you say that you eat good?? I know, its all relative to the individual/client. Everyone has to find what works. But if you dont know what works, how do you know what to change?

I have really been thinking hard about how to get DGA to the next level or just simply how to provide a better service to our clients. I am absolutely obsessed with getting better and providing value to those around me. I love learning and I also love to teach. It has been my experience that if you ask yourself or someone a question you just happen to get an answer. So my question for you is this, How can we be a better service to you? Do you need more help with Nutrition? Mobility? Motivation? Exercise selection? Extra work? Sleep? Supplementation? Logging food? Food selection? The list is really long…..

We are here to help and to provide you with a service. I look forward to hearing back from all of you. Onward and Upward!!!!


Hang Power Clean and
Power Clean Technique
13 min AMRAP @ 90%
6 Hang Clean
8 Bar Facing Burpee
350m row
rest 5 min
13 min AMRAP @ 90%
12 UB wallball
200m run



A. Shoulder Press 3-4 x 4 @ 3111 rest 2-3 min
B. Push Press 2-2-2-2 rest 2 min
C1. SA DB Row 3-4 x 4 @ 31×2 rest 30 sec
C2. TGU 4 per side x 4 (HAP) Build
C3. 1(f); 2(m) rope climbs x 4 rest as needed