Congratulations to Jayne and Sanders for competing in the combine this weekend. Also,  a special thank you to everyone from DGA that went to support. I have spoken to both Jayne and Sanders and they both said for them to get better they have to get “stronger.” Please remember that when trying to get stronger in a movement sometimes decreasing weight or starting at the first progression(hspu from a box/ HS Holds) is the best solution. If you are having trouble with a particular movement or you seem to be stuck please talk to one of the coaches or myself to see if we can help you in anyway. Congratulations again to Jayne and Sanders!!!  We are really proud of you guys!!!IMG953985


A. Back Squat 6-8 x 4 @ 32×1 rest 2-3 min
B. RFESS 8-10 x 3 @ 3010 rest 30 sec; rest 1 min
10 Push Press
4 T2B
400m row
rest 2 min x 4

Notes-There is no RX weight for this session. The Push Press must be UB each round



A. Back Squat 6-8 x 4 @ 32×1 rest 2-3 min
B. Wtd Step Up 4-5 each leg x 3 rest 30-60 sec (no pushoff)
C. HC+ Clean work to a heavy double in 12-15 min
D. HS Holds 20-30 sec x 4 rest as needed

Notes- For the HS holds work on good/great body positioning. Pushed up in the shoulders, core tight/back not rounded, and the corwn of the head down