As many of you have noticed  DGA has grown and hopefully it will continue to grow. Growth can be a good thing. My main focus for our facility and our members is to make sure that you are getting the results that you need and that you are happy with the service that we provide. Our coaching staff and I  are  constantly trying to refine our systems, philosophies, and exercise selections to make sure that we continue to provide a service that is unmatched. All that I ever wanted to do was workout, do some coaching, and maybe do a few competitions here and there. Now by God’s good graces and some hard work we have become a full service strength and conditioning business. We have a real daily schedule,payroll,website(that could definitely be better), we offer personal training, nutritional counseling, we train teams, etc…. (Did I mention that I am also a therapist at times) LOL. I am telling you all this because every single one of you that reads this made this happen. We built this together. Thank you to everyone for your patience especially Natalie, Brady, Whitney, Denna, Jayne, and Sanders.

Also, something else that you may have noticed is that I now train in the evening. This has been an extremely difficult transition for me. I have always worked out by myself during the day while there were no other classes going on. The reason that I worked out by myself was so that I can give our clients my full and undivided attention. However ,it has been very motivating to train with other humans that are seeking the same goal. It is no longer possible for me to train during the day. With that being said I want everyone to know that your fitness is extremely important to me. When I am training please feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you for all of the support!!!! It is going to be a great summer.



A1. CG BP 6-8 x 3 @ 3111 rest 30 sec
A2. Pullup 4-5 x 3 @ 31×1 rest 1-2 min
300m row
20 KBS
3/7 pullups
rest 2 min x 4



A1. RDL 4-5 x 4 @ 31×1 rest 1-2 min
B1. Pullups 4-5 x 4 @ 31×2 rest 30 sec
B2. AMRAP UB C2B Pullups x 4 rest 2 min
EMOM for 12 min
Even- 8 UB Push Press
Odd- 12 kbs

****Reference 3-31-14