So it has come and gone. The 2015 Open is pretty much over for everyone. I am sure there will be some people go tomorrow but I wanted to go ahead and recap tonight. I saw a lot of cool things this year. First and foremost shout out to everyone who did at least one workout RX and a BIG HI-5 if this was your first Open experience.

I know for certain everyone is stronger than last year. ┬áThere are some skills that some of us will need to work on. What I have learned about skill work from Jayne is, “it needs to be done everyday”(and sometimes thats not even enough, did you see my HSPU workout). In some form or another the skill that the athlete is trying to develop will have to be designed into the warmup or designed for extra work. How many of us have time for extra work????? Most of us don’t even cool down after the training session.

Last word for all is MOBILITY. If you want to get better we have to get in better positions. More on this later this week.

Thank you to all the judges who volunteered their time. Thank you to family members and friends that came to support our community. Thank you to all of the athletes that trust us with your fitness. See you tomorrow. Onward and Upward!!


A. OHS 4-5 x 3 no tempo rest as needed
B. DB/KB Row 4-5 x 4 @ 21×0 rest as needed
4 sets; no rest
15 KBS
200m FW 53/35 per hand
1 Sled #180/90



Redo 15.5

Sorenson Hold- 1 Attempt- Max Effort. Be sure to have a coach with you for the attempt
30 min Row Z1