I have always been fascinated with Tony Robbins and his ability to connect with people. He has some interesting principles that he lives and runs his businesses by but the most amazing thing to me about Tony is the way he teaches others without giving ¬†answers. Tony doesn’t have all the answers. The ‘answer’ is very unique to the individual just like the question.

The questions that I ask myself often is “Who am I” and “Does the activity that I am about to engage in propel me forward or hold me back from achieving my goals”.

I spend the first 20-30 mins of my day in a quite room (sometimes my car) no music, no phone, definitely NO social media outlets (It is complete silence). I use this time to express gratefulness for my life, my family, our friends, and our businesses. I also use this time to look introspectively and ask myself those two important questions. This ritual of mine allows me to focus on the rest of the day and really resets my brain.

So what I have found out is this, The more I learn the less I know. But, whats exciting is the learning process. Every single one of you have allowed me to work in a place where I am constantly learning with you and from you. I am excited and looking forward to the rest of this year. Onward!!




A1 RDL (Romanian Deadlift) 10-12 x 5 @ 21×1 rest 30 sec
A2 Renegade Row 10-12 (5-6 per arm) x 5 @ 3112 no rest
4 sets
8 Front Squats 135/95
6 Burpee Over bar
200m run or row
rest 1 min



A. Thruster 3-3-3 rest 2 min
6 sets (faster each set)
35 DU
9 T2b
10 Thruster 100/65
5 C2b Pullup/4 MU
rest 2 min