Just wanted to start this week off with a big thank you. Thank you to everyone is a part of this gym and family. I also wanted to announce that I will be starting a new job this week. I will be in charge (at least for the next month) of the WLHS Softball “off season” strength and conditioning program. I am super excited about this opportunity. I will be a little late to the 430 class a couple days a week but other than that things will continue to be the same.

We have only had about 2 kids for the kids classes on Mondays and Thursdays. If any parents have any ideas on how we can get more involved in our after school fitness program please share. Always open to new ideas. Thank you!!! It is going to be another amazing PR setting week at DGA!!!!!!



A. CGBP 5-7 x 4 @ 30×1 rest 2 min
B1.BB Upright Row 8-10 x 3 @ 31×1 rest 30 sec
B2. Pullup/P-Pullup 5-7 x3 @ 31×2 rest 1-2 min
30 sec row “sprint”
12 KBS
5 burpee
rest 2 min x 5


A.Back Squat 3-2-1-1 rest 3 min
B. PC+ 3 PP x 4 rest 2 min
Clean and Jerk #185/125
Skill work; work whatever needs to be refined before the Open