Everyone deserves a little explanation on why we have been doing so much rowing and AD work. I will do my best to articulate in typing.

1.  When rowing,swimming,and AirDyne(ing) there are NO eccentric movements. In running the eccentric movement occurs when your foot hits the pavement or road. This means for the user that we can provide you with the same (if not better) cardio respiratory benefits with none of the drawbacks that happens with running/sprinting.

2. Since we do not have a pool, the rower is the best alternative to a full body exercise that we have.

3. Last but not least; Everyone is so much better at rowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A. RDL 5-7 x 4 @ 20×1 rest 2 min
EMOM for 16 min
even-20 sec sprint on rower
odd- 4 power clean(tough) perfect form**add weight every 2 rounds




12 min AMRAP
150 wallballs
90 DU
30 MU