Growth can come in many different forms. A person can grow spiritually, financially, responsibly, and socially. A business can grow physically, relationships can flourish, and babies can grow physically and emotionally. What we do know for certain is that you are either growing or dying.

Personal growth comes from taking a chance and/or challenging yourself. During the process of taking this chance or challenging yourself you open the opportunity to be vulnerable to the outside world. Do you remember the first time you called your significant other or perhaps the first date? Do you remember what it felt like to walk into DGA for the first time? Being vulnerable can create negative emotions for some and positive for others. For me personally I never feel more alive (and vulnerable) than I do when I  am working out in front of other people. Each year as the Open draws closer I constantly look for reasons not to do the Open. But one thing is for sure it is 5 weeks of physical and emotional growth that can and will carry over into other areas of your life if you allow it. So, who is with me? Who is ready to lay it all out and give it absolutely everything you have??

The Open

“Full effort is full victory.” Cj Martin




A1 RDL (Romanian Deadlift) 8-10 x 5 @ 21×1 rest 30 sec
A2 Renegade Row 8-10 (4-5 per arm) x 5 @ 3112 no rest
4 sets
9 Front Squats 135/95
7 Burpee Over bar
5 T2b
rest 1 min b/n sets



A. Thruster 2-2-2 rest 2 min
5 sets (faster each set)
300m row
12 BJ SD
13 Thruster 100/65
7 C2b Pullups/5 MU
rest 3 min /n sets