**Please do not forget we have our first yoga class on Saturday after the team workout. Should start around 11am. Cost is only $5.00 per person.

**Also Gymnastic’s seminar is December 14th. If you need help with HSPU or want a “6 pack” you will not want to miss it.


A. Deadlift 4-5 x 4 @ 3010 rest 2-3 min


6 Power Clean 135/85

9 Hand Release Pushups

12 Wallball

rest 90 sec x 5



Row 2K @ 80%

rest 5 min x 3


3 rounds not for time

12 walking lunges

12 hand release puhsups

1 rope climb 15″


If there is something that you need to work please feel free to do so in place of the triplet. This is an active recovery day. Please stretch out good and make sure to perform some maintenance on your body.