I have been promising you guys a better way of doing things and that time has come. We have created a strategic alliance with a company called BOX HQ. We are in the process of updating everyones personal information which includes but is not limited to email, phone number, mailing address, payment information, etc.. This next week is going to be a little crazy on our end but we will let everyone know when you can login and update your current profile. We are super excited about our new system because we feel that it is going to allow us to provide everyone with a better service through effective and direct communication.

I told one of my mentors today that, “a business is only as good as the systems that it has in place.” Thank you to everyone for being patient and trusting us. I am looking forward to an amazing 2015!!! Onward and Upward!!! Take Care of Business



4 sets not for time
10 ring row or 3-4 pullups @ 2112
BB OH Carry “Clean” Grip 150′
RFESS 8-10 reps (2 sec pause with knee on the floor)
3 sets not for time
Sorenson Hold 60-75 sec x 3 no rest
Farmer Walk 200m + 200m run/row no rest



A. OHS 6-8 x 4 @ 21×1 rest 2 min
Easy Pace
1 min at each station x 4
light sled
work on shoudler and front rack mobility