Umm, Yep!!! These are national rankings!!!! Here is the page. Check it out for yourself!!!


A couple of topics that I would like to go over. I know that some of us are getting ready for the South Ga Throwdown. This means you will be seeing a pretty heavy dose of aerobic work or crossfit style workouts for the next 2 weeks. The idea is to get your brain and body ready to get after it. If you need to work on something specific please let one of the coaches know so that we can help you or provide you with the necessary resources .

This weekend while we were watching everyone compete I thought of a new slogan. “TCB” or Take Care of ┬áBusiness. That is what I witnessed this weekend. People that put in the time went into the competition and took ┬ácare of their business. I cannot say it enough, this weekend was amazing!!! Thank you for the memories and the opportunity to share in the success.



A. Back Squat 6,6,5,5,5 rest 2-3 min
200m run
4/7 Strict Pullups
7 Front Squats 135/95
Females rest 1:00, Males rest 2:00 x 5



A. Back Squat 3,2,1; 3,2,1 @ 21×1 rest 2-3 min
for time
1000m row
40 KBS 53/70
30 Burpee over bar (bar facing)
20 Power Snatch 135/85
10 Wall Walks