The Gymnastics seminar will be held on Nov 16. We are only taking the first 12 athletes. The cost is $50.00 for the seminar. We will be posting more about the seminar soon.



Front Squat 135/75



rest 2 min

Lunge in Place (30-20-10)




SA Waiters Carry 150m  x 2


Back Squat

Build to a tough single in 15 min


10 min AMRAP

8 Thruster #115/75

8 Burpee

4/8 C2B Pullups

rest 15-20 min

row 20 sec @ 100%

rest 2:30 x 8

Notes: Test day for both groups. The rowing piece for the Comp group is just some lactate power training. Continue to move blood while resting. You will be seeing more of this leading up to South Ga Throwdown. Also, I am still seeing people leave without cooling down. This is not good for your body. So I would like to reccommned something really easy. I will provide the steps below.

1. After completing your training session go walk 400m with a friend.

2. Come back inside and mix your Progenex Recovery. Please share with your friend if they did not bring theirs.

3. Walk back outside with shake in hand and friend in the other and walk another 400m. Upon completion of the 400m walk you will realize that your  body has cooled down, that you have just finished the finest protein supplement known to mankind(Progenex), AND you may have just saved your friends life.

DGA Everyday!!!!!!