DGA!!!! We will be finalizing the T-erseys(TShirt+Jersey) for the Open this week. If you have any questions or feedback please contact my lovely wife and boss Natalie via FB or text.

Just like all of you I have heard about the new “CrossFit” Gym coming to Dublin. I am glad that some other crazy person in Dublin has decided to go down the same road that I went. I can assure you ¬†they are in for a big surprise. I have had the opportunity to cultivate some amazing relationships over the last three years of my life. I have also made some people mad in the process. But one thing is for sure everyday when I wake up I know for certain that God has put me here to teach and pursue a career in fitness and make a difference/impact in peoples life. I am grateful for the opportunities that all of you have given me. I cannot thank you enough for trusting me and my family with your fitness. Onward and Upward!!!


A. 12 mins to find 1RM BP
B. Strict Pullup AMRAP x 3 rest as needed
8 min AMRAP @ 95%
15 Wallballs
7 Shoudler to OH

(reference 1-13-14)



A.Back Squat work to a tough 3 in 15 mins
B.PC+ PP 3-3-3-3
8 min AMRAP
30 Squat Clean #165/115
AMRAP Burpee C2b Pullups
5 min Row Cool Down