Certification– USAW level 1

Coaching philosophy

My goal is to assist all athletes in performing the best possible movement patterns to be successful and to prevent injuries. I also believe fitness should be fun. I want to promote a fun and safe atmosphere so everyone enjoys CrossFit just as much as I do.

Why CrossFit?

For me, it was last resort. I tried running and typical lifting. Bro sessions everyday. It got boring. There is so much variety in CrossFit that it doesn’t get boring. CrossFit is a daily challenge. It pushes you as hard as you let it. Just when you get a hold on it and it gets easier, you find a new challenge. Im also very competitive, with myself and others so it gives me that competition that I need to constantly get better.

  1. Favorite movement?

Snatch. Not because I’m good at it but because it’s such a technical movement that’s it’s tough. There’s no better feeling that hitting that 1 snatch occasionally that felt perfect.

  1. Least favorite movement? Double unders. Single unders were hard enough for me. How in the world can jumping rope be so hard?

Fun facts

  1. married my smoking hot wife, Jessica in 2012
  2. I have 1 awesome son named Bear
  3. Started CrossFit in October 2017 and started coaching October 2018
  4. I’m a twin and married a twin
  5. Alabama Crimson Tide fan…Roll Tide!
  6. I’ve watched the Office 8-9 times all the way through
  7. I love movies. I can watch the same movie 10 times and enjoy it like the first time
  8. My sock game is strong
  9. Attend Liberty Baptist
  10. I love all kinds of music except country
  11. Like really hate country music
  12. Outside of CrossFit, I enjoy running. Especially obstacle course runs