I read this article today and I thought that it was a good read and that all of you should read it as well. As I read through the article I realized that this could have been our gym and at one time DGA was a very different place. For the foreseeable future I am committed to providing a fitness service that is unmatched in Laurens County. I, along with our coaching staff are committed to all of you to make sure that we not only provide a service that is unmatched in the results that you get but also one that is safe and will keep you injury free for years to come. I am not saying that injuries will never happen but if you stretch after class, warm up properly,listen to your body, stay hydrated, pay attention,  and eat halfway descent that will help keep you injury free. Please read the article.  I hope what the writer describes in her crossfit experiences are completely contrary to what you have experienced at CrossFit DGA.

Steps in Staying Injury Free

1. proper warmup (which means you need have yourself in the gym and warming up when class starts or perhaps a few mins before)

2. Stretch after class. (especially when we get done with class early)

3. listen to your body; If you are going to train with someone make sure the weights are adjusted appropriately when it’s your turn.

4. Drink Water-lots of water!

5. Pay attention

6. Eat good; we can discuss this one later



Shoulder Prehab
A1. DB BP 10-12 x 4 @ 41×1 rest 1-2 min
A2.(F) Pendlay Row 5-7 x 4 @ 20×2 rest rest 1 min
A2.(M) DB Row 10-12 x 4 @ 31×2 rest rest 20 sec; rest 45 sec
B1. 25 DU x 4 no rest
B2. 7 Thruster 115/75 x 4 rest 30 sec
B3. 5 T2B rest 1-2 min



Shoulder Prehab
5 rounds @ 90% w/ 20 min Cap
600m row
3 wallwalks
1 FC approx 50m (length of parking lot)